Okay picture the most stoic character you know

Now picture them on the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland while wearing Mickey Mouse ears and sitting next to the most happy-go-lucky character you know 

judal would have been better


Magi vol. 20 Special Paper

Scanned and cleaned by me

Translation and typesetting by siegewings

i’ve never done anything lineless before and i felt kind of inspired so i tried doing something new w/ aly

Two years ago today, April 14th 2012, The Legend of Korra officially premiered on Nickelodeon. 

"Then… You and I are the same!"

"Yes, we’re the same."

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Translation: cosmocall

"I am Fanalis! One of the rulers of the Dark Continent! One of the strongest warrior tribes!"  ( x )

i’m probably so late to the gatcha news but i love gatchaman crowds so much i’m so happy!!!!!!

Gatchaman Crowds (2013)
"What the world needs from now on aren’t stand-out heroes, but the entire human race turned into heroes."
Dedicated to the amazing Christine. Happy birthday!