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if you make or reblog posts mocking triggers consider:

  • not doing that
  • and
  • shoving a cactus up your rear end
  • thanks
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Under the Dog anime project directed by Masahiro Ando (Sword of the StrangerBlast of TempestCANAAN)

"Under the Dog takes place in 2025 in Neo Tokyo, five years after a devastating terrorist attack at the Tokyo Olympics. In the wake of the tragedy, the U.N. formed a covert ops unit dedicating to seeking out, then eliminating those responsible for the attack. Anthea Kallenberg, a girl of Swedish descent is a member of this elite group who has honed her combat abilities and has become a deadly assassin, but must come to terms as to who she really is."

Support it on Kickstarter!

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for ellie b/c they’re an awesome friend + i love them dearly and they were super great when i was feelin bad a few days ago ;w;

ace attorney + text posts 2/???


Ugo [ウーゴ] The Strongest Magician | Ch. 236 x


magi chapter 236 more like ugo-chan fanservice chapter kill me nowww


"I got you."


A few months old art i guess, last December. Was done for the artist talk section in the guyluke doujin sold during a con event at said month.


I imagined Guy would be moved to tears when Luke received the Viscount title. You know, how he raised him up mostly. Bet he’d be move to tears even more than Luke’s own parents.


Most favorite costume title oho

Quick sketch, ahhh ok i’m done for today